Strong TDA presence at Strait Crossings in June

TDA will have a strong presence at The Norwegian Public Roads Administration sixth international symposium on Strait Crossings. The symposium will be held on 16 - 19 June 2013 in Bergen, Norway. This years main topic for the symposium will be: Extreme Crossings and New Technologies.

With an extensive background in Offshore, Marine and Bridges, TDA has valuable competence and experience in the search for good engineering solutions to Extreme Crossings. In the the early phases of the project to establish a non ferry E39, TDA has been involved in studies to find conceptual solutions for crossing both the Sognefjord and the Boknafjord.

TDA will be present at the symposium in Bergen with a stand together with our RM Bridge software partner Bentley. We will also make a contribution with presentation of a paper:

How to cross the 7500m wide Boknafjord?
A concept study of a five-span suspension bridge, supported on TLP-Moored floaters

Please see for more information on the event.