TDA wins Bjørnafjord contract

TDA has won a contract with Statens Vegvesen (The Norwegian Road Administration) to deliver a Conceptual Design of a floating bridge across the Bjørnafjord crossing.

The Bjørnafjord crossing is a part of the new E39 along the west coast of Norway. The design of the floating bridge across the Bjørnafjord is especially challenging since the crossing is wide, deep and exposed to severe environmental loads from wind, waves and current. The width of the crossing is 7.5 km and the depth is 550 meters. The bridge will be a floating suspension bridge with four towers based on floating TLP-pontoon technology. The primary goal of the project is to verify that the proposed technology is feasible and robust.

TDA has done similar projects for Statens Vegvesen in the last couple of years on the fjordcrossings for Sognefjorden, Halsafjorden and Boknafjorden.