- Bottom fixed foundations
- Jackets, GBS, etc
- Floating foundations
- Semisubs, FPSO, Spars, TLP's, etc
- Flare towers
- Transport, lift and installation equipment
- Umbilicals and cables
- Genearl equipment
- Terminations


TDA has delivered design services as a sub contractor to LMG Marin for the design of the Petrobras Drillship Espadon 200EAS. TDA has performed analysis and design of foundations for integration of equipment in the ship hull; Knuckle boom cranes, BOP Gantry crane, Thrusters and Main engine. TDA has also performed lifting assessments for mega blocks: lifting analysis, lift point checks, rigging, block integrity, temporary structures. All work was carried out for class approval according to ABS and DNV regulations.