The purpose of this course is to create a general understanding of the functionalities of the ANSYS AQWA Suite, based on the new Workbench environment. After introduction into the program features of the ANSYS AQWA Suite and treating basic theoretical principles, the participants will be guided through 2 days of exercises in order to get an understanding for the practical use of the software.

After the course the participants will be able to generate their own geometry and carry out both frequency and time domain calculations. The understanding of the AQWA Suite will be good enough for the participants to guide themselves into more elaborate analyses or proceed to advanced courses.

This course is an introduction course so no previous ANSYS AQWA Suite experience is required. Basic knowledge of Maritime Principles is however an advantage for the full course understanding.

About the course
The course is delivered over three full working days, from about 8:30 to 16:00, with breaks for lunch and coffee.

Included in the course
Lunch, coffe, course material and documentation and two weeks free support on ANSYS AQWA.

14 500,- NOK.

Day 1
Introduction into AQWA:
- Program and capabilities
- Basic theoretical explanation
- Analysis procedures
- Explanation on the use of Workbench
- Model and mesh generation

Registration & Contact

Day 2
Workbench - setup and execute calculations
- Mooring systems
- Fenders and Connections
- Equilibrium calculations
- Frequency domain calculations
- Time domain calculations

Overwiev ANSYS training!
Day 3
Classical use of AQWA in Lifting Operation Case Study
- Use of the Graphical Supervisor
- Coupled natural frequency analysis
- Calculation of equilibrium positions
- Impact loads and winch usage in Time Domain
Questions and Discussions