Revit Basic Training

This course has a focus on Revit as a basic modeling and documentation tool for the
structural engineer.
This course is a 'follow-along' as well as do it yourself lessons and will teach the basics on how Revit works. Work files and hand-outs of course material are included.
The courses aim is to give the participants a basic knowledge on how Revit works. You will learn to make a model from the standard Revit elements as well as making your own elements to include in the model.
You will see how the analytical model is created and understand how it can be manipulate and used.
You will learn how to create and control views and lists from the model and set up drawings. You will also learn how to add parameters to objects, make parametric components and use parameters to control views and tables.
You will also be introduces to work-sharing and how to build up model from an outside model or drawings.

About the course
The course is delivered over one full working day, from about 8:30 to 16:00, with breaks for lunch and coffee.

Included in the course
Lunch, coffee, course material and documentation, CD, two weeks free support on Robot.

9.500,- NOK, 2 days.
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Overview Autodesk training
Introduction to Revit
What can be modelled in Revit?
How it works
Modelling standard elements: walls, slabs, beams and columns
Creating and controlling views
Creating and controlling lists
Setting up drawings and drawing lists
Adding parameters to objects
Tagging and adding text and detail components
Editing and making new families
Parametric components

How to edit Analytical model
Building a model from an architectural model or drawings.